These Powerful Ads Will Make You Quit Smoking Right Now.

If there is a friend’s meet or it be a late-night conversation with your friends, the smoking addict will always find some excuse to smoke.

most of you (smoker’s) in india will be having a “Pan Vala Bhaiya” where you’re udhar khata is maintained.

Some of the common excuses for smoking is like

  •  It releases my mental pressure
  • I am addicted to it
  • It feels good to smoke
  • Smoking is so cool dude

But everyone of us know that it is injurious to health and shortens your life. Then why not stop smoking?

These are some of the powerful Advertisements which will make you think twice before smoking!

It’s not death that people are really worried about but the length and the cost of suffering before death that comes as a complication. Smoking is terrible. Yes, it is. It is difficult to give up but not impossible. Let’s give it a try to defeat this silent killer and substitute it with some healthy habits.

I hope this gives you enough motivation to take a step towards a healthier and longer life.

Quit smoking! It’s not that hard.


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