18 Things In Life That Feel Awesome When They Happen For The First Time

The novelty of feeling happy about something that has happened for the first time is special.

Because it happens for the first time, the moment becomes a permanent addition to our cherished memories forever.

1. The first salary check

Image source

The ecstatic feeling of finally making it into the adult world, and frantically trying to figure out how to spend the money – treating friends, giving it away to your parents or putting it in the bank?

2. The first kiss

Image source

3. The first letter you write to your loved one

Image source

The writing was as awkward as you in your teenage years – gawky rushed and pouring with enthusiasm.

4. Your very first friend

Image source

Your first real friend, and if you value the bond and make an effort to keep it alive, that friend will be forever.

5. Your first crush

Image source

The fast beating of the heart, the torrent of random thoughts, the slur in the speech as you spoke and the rush of happiness when it was reciprocated.

6. Moving into your first apartment on your own

Image source

Your first place you can live in. The first place you can call your own. Home.

7. The first time you share something deeply intimate about yourself

Image source

The first time you opened your heart and let something heavy go, and in a wave of relief, you felt lighter and better. That’s when you realized that sharing lightens the load.

8. The first time you sleep with someone you love

Image source

No sex. Jut sleeping with them.

9. The first time you took a big calculated risk

Image source

And it paid off successfully. Oh, the thrill!

10. Your first journey alone

Image source

And trying not to splurge on everything that you see on the way.

11. The first time you see your work becomes successful

Image source

And people actually pat you on your back for the good job you did.

12. The first time you see a newspaper clipping about you

Image source

One for the frames on your household walls.

13. The first time you hear the words “I love you too”

Image source

The best three words ever spoken.

14. The first time you gave a performance on stage

Image source

The rush of adrenaline and the satisfaction of a crowd applauding after.

15. The first time you get on a plane

Image source

Turbulence just makes it even thrilling.

16. The first day at college

Image source

Will they like me? Will I make friends?

17. The first time you stood up for yourself

Image source

The time you realized that enough is enough.

18. The first time you got tipsy and high

Image source

That was the shizz, bro.

Life may not be perfect right now, but when you are in these moments, you somehow leave the worries aside and cherish them with the deepest pleasure.


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